Craft product


The bioethanol fireplace Fuecopared has the peculiarity of being made of fireclay, with a drawn steel burner with adjustable flame and anti tipper.

All Fuecopared Fireplaces are serialized and can be customized with a hand-painted background made by potters masters of Montelupo Fiorentino.


Fuecopared sponsors the local crafts with the fireplace entirely “Made in Italy”, designed and produced in Tuscany in collaboration with master potters of Impruneta and the best craftsmen of the steel.

The artistic decoration of fireclay preserves the typical characteristics of traditional workshop.
The craft is passed on from father to son and it is carried out with dedication and creative spirit according to the original pottery manufacturing methods.


In the protection of historical and artistic heritage, there is the “Made in Italy“, brand among the best known and sought after in the world.

The expression was born in order to counteract the falsification of Italian craft and industrial production.
Especially in the areas known as “The four A“, namely Clothing, Agri-food, Furniture and Cars.
The reason is that Italian products were historically associated with quality, high specialization, elegance and provenance from famous traditional Italian industrial sectors.

Today the expression “Made in Italy” represents the quality, creativity and inventiveness characteristic of Italian craftsmanship.

The bioethanol fireplace Fuecopared is entirely a “Made in Italy” product, pride of our craftsmanship.

Moreover, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, which took place on March 17 of 2011, Fuecopared created the celebratory fireplace of the event in Limited Edition, with a unique piece.
On the background, the fireplace has the official logo of the event, two small Italian flags with the years of the anniversary, from 1861 to 2011.

The public exposure was limited to the days related to the anniversary and to June 2 of the same year, for the Republic Day.