Antique Fireplace



Fireplace made of fireclay inserted in an antique frame

Marble or granite frame

Internal dimensions LxHxP:

cm. 61 x 61 x 11

External dimensions LxHxP:

cm. 136 x 104 x 35 (ref. photograph)

Why make an “antique fireplace”

Do you want to reproduce the image of an antique fireplace in your home?
You don’t have the chance to install a flue?
You want the effect of a traditional fireplace or of the real fire?

The “ANTIQUE FIREPLACE” of Fuecopared allows you to install, without masonry work, the model “SLIM”, inserted inside an antique frame made of marble or granite.

How to make an “antique fireplace”

If you already have a traditional fireplace that you don’t use anymore and you want to recover it, visit the page INCLUDED MODEL of Fuecopared to know more.

Alternatively, to make an ANTIQUE FIREPLACE, three elements are needed:

  1. THE FIREPLACE: provided by Fuecopared, made of fireclay and available in many colors (view model SLIM).
  2. THE FRAME: it can be provided by Fuecopared. Alternatively you can recover or buy a frame by checking that dimensions would correspond to those indicated below:
    • Width of cm. 120-130
    • Height of cm. 100-110
    • Thicknes of cm. 30-40

    The measures need to balance the internal dimensions (those of the Biocaminetto Fuecopared’s panel) with the external ones.

  3. THE “CONTROCUORE”: that is the internal part between the frame and the fireplace. It can be made of cast iron or drywall.

The price depends on the services provided (assembly, the “controcuore” creation, frame). Always request a quote.


In a historic building in the centre of Florence, with mosaic floors and frescoes, it only missed the charm of a fireplace lit.

For this reason Cristina chose a biofireplace Fuecopared, without flue, and the model Antique Fireplace.

(Limited Edition, n. 146/200)